How to present yourself and your company in 1 minute


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Most people are not good at presenting themselves or their company in a concise, simple and clear way. They want to tell you everything. This becomes even harder when working in English at an International Trade Fair.

The 1 minute Script is concise and impacting.  Here are the 5 steps to develop your own 1 minute script.

  1. “We work with….”
  2. “Who have a problem with…”
  3. “What we do is…”
  4. “So that…”
  5. “Which means…”

We work with: Be specific about your target market (Type of business, location etc)

Who have a problem with: Focus on what hurts for them, their main problem that gives them headaches. People pay attention and respond more to negatives.

What we do is: Explain how your product/service solves their problem. Be clear, simple and concise and write one sentence of 15 words or less.

So that: Explain the function the client that the customer receives. For example, Blackberry enables you to instantly receive and send emails from anywhere in the world.

Which means: List the Top 3 benefits.

Here is an example of a Management Consultant who works with Directors of SMEs.

“We work with the managing directors of fast-growing SMEs. Who have a problem with the pains of managing fast growth. What we do is we use our 15-20 years experience as directors of fast growing SMEs to work with them to develop practical solutions. So that you get practical and quick-to-implement business solutions. Which means that you can exceed your targets and have the business and lifestyle that you want.


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